Darse Cuenta: Realizing through repetition

Asked about his influences in the arts, Arturo Vega gives a long, thoughtful answer that includes one particular verb phrase over and over. Here are the excerpts:

Después de la actuación... me di cuenta que... mi talento o mi vocación... era para... lo visual
"After acting... I realized that... my gift or my vocation... was for... the visual"

[Captions 7-9, Entrevista > Arturo Vega > 2]

Me ha dado cuenta que mi manera de percibir y de valorizar...
"I have found that my way of perceiving and appreciating..."

[caption 10,
captions 7-9, Entrevista > Arturo Vega > 2]

Pero a mí... yo me di cuenta que no era nada más...
"But for me... I realized that it was not just..."

[Caption 13,
Entrevista > Arturo Vega > 2] di cuenta que podía hacer algo...
"...I realized that I could do something..."

[Caption 15,
Entrevista > Arturo Vega > 2]

Y... me di cuenta del gusto...
"And...I became aware of the pleasure..."

[Caption 17,
Entrevista > Arturo Vega > 2]

me di cuenta que... y me di cuenta que
"I realized that... and I realized that..."
Captions 22 and 29, Entrevista > Arturo Vega > 2]


Through repetition, you learn. Here our lesson is clear: Darse cuenta = "to realize". Yes, it's used often, you must realize.


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