Ganas: What we want to do

Pensamos que el agua, que el aire, que el suelo es nuestro y podemos hacer lo que nos dé la gana. No es cierto.
[Caption 7-8, De consumidor a persona > Short Film > 2]


Gana, meaning "wish" or "will," is a noun that plays a key role to express wishes or desires in Spanish. The expression darle (a alguien) la gana means "to feel like" or "to want to."

"We think that the water, the air, the land is ours and we can do with it what we feel like. That's not true."

lo que me dé la gana
"what I feel like"

lo que te dé la gana
"what you feel like"

lo que le dé la gana
"what you feel like / what he-she feels like"

lo que les dé la gana
"what you [pl.] feel like / what they feel like"

Even more common is the pairing of the verb tener ("to have") with the plural ganas, as in:

Tenía ganas de hacer algo con eso
[Caption 48, Biografía > Natalia Oreiro > 4]



Natalia is saying: "I wanted to do something with this." The word-for-word translation might have you thinking she had the will to do it, but common understanding is simply that she felt like it, or wanted to do it.

Tengo muchas ganas de aprender español.
"I really want to learn Spanish."

No tengo ganas de parar ahora.
"I don't want to stop now."



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